David Whitney French Photography | FAQs

Portrait Sessions


Q: How long is the session?

A: Sessions vary between 45 minutes to up to two hours.  The goal is to have not only a fun experience, but to be quick and efficient to capture your very best moments. Wardrobe and location changes may stretch the session, and likewise, if you have children under five, it can be roughly 20-25 minutes before they’ve had enough. In that case, the goal is to capture their best moments before they get too tired.


Q: What happens after the session?

A: After the session, I download all the images and separate the winners from the ones that didn’t work out – i.e. blinking, motion blurs, etc. Once I have all the winning images, they undergo color correction, exposure adjustment, image cropping and retouching, when needed, at no charge. 


The finished images are transferred to a DVD as well as uploaded onto my website for viewing online.


Q: Do we get to keep the digital copies of the images?

A:  Yes.


Q: Why should we order prints through your website?

A:  I strive to capture the best images and create beautiful photographs that are professionally edited to reflect the very best of my clients. I don’t want anyone to have green skin, unless you are a natural green skin-type, so I use Mpix Professional Photography located in good old Kansas! (follow the yellow brick road).


Q: How long does it take to receive our prints?

A:  It usually takes a week to get the images back from the lab once sent off for printing. I will notify you when they’re ready for pick-up, or I can drop them off personally. I also offer free shipping for prints going to family or friends out of state.





Q: What do I wear to the headshot session?

A: While it really depends on your profession (for instance, a lawyer dresses differently from an dairy farmer), I recommend avoiding white clothing.  I want the brightest part of the image to be your face and white will only compete with that.  Layering with jackets, sweaters and simple scarf can enhance your look and help create depth and dimension in the image as well. Above all, you want to be comfortable, yet professional.


Q: What happens after the session?  What do I receive?

A: Like every session, I separate the winners from the ones that didn’t work out and process the images in Adobe Lightroom.  All the images will be posted in the Client Section of my website.


Q: How do we reserve our date?

A: Call me at 520-237-8304 or email me at dwfphotography@gmail.com.


Q: Do you shoot film or digital?

A: Digital, RAW format.


Q: Do you have back-up equipment and insurance?

A: YES and YES. I have back-up camera bodies, batteries, flashes and other assorted lenses and gear and am insured by the Professional Photographers Association of America.


Q: Do you travel?

A: YES. I have done jobs all over southern Arizona