David Whitney French Photography | Hiking Romero Trail with the Lumix G6

Hiking Romero Trail with the Lumix G6

October 22, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Welcome to my first video blog entry (with sound)!

I wanted to test out my new camera, the Panasonic Lumix G6, and Romero Trail was waiting. The Lumix G6 is a compact, micro 4/3s camera that does a bang up job with video and can take some fairly decent stills, but has an ‘on camera’ microphone, like in all cameras, never capture the best audio outdoors. As the famous Anthony Artis, a videography instructor and author remarks in a video that accompanies his book, Shut up and Shoot, if your audio isn’t good, your video is on a one-way road to “stink town”.

The Romero Canyon trailhead is located inside Catalina State Park, just north of Tucson. I packed up the camera with its 14-42mm kit lens, the Sony PCM-M10 recorder and lavalier mic along with a lightweight Manfrotto tripod and set off.  The jeep road that was present at the start changed to a narrow single-track as I climbed out of the lower deserts of Catalina State Park and into the Pusch Ridge wilderness.  I even remembered to bring some water and snacks-but no spare socks.

The trail was pretty quiet, as it was a Monday, so I felt that I wouldn’t get too many strange looks while doing 'self narration', in front of camera, sans operator, set up on a tripod. I heard the sound of rushing waters only a half-mile in and I stopped at what was known as Montrose Pools.  Climbing down about 30 feet, I found a great place for some video of running water in the middle of the desert.  After a brief bit of filming, as well as using the Sony PCM-M10 synced with handclaps, I set off for Romero Pools, which was about two miles further along Romero Trail.

Overall, the Lumix G6 did great and I was able to use the handclaps to match the G6’s onboard mics with the PCM-M10’s audio in post with Final Cut Pro X.  

A few other key items: I didn't get lost and nothing got dropped. With the stops, the hike took nearly four hours to go out and return. I know people who make it to Romero Pools in one hour if you are not stopping along the way setting up cameras, tripods and clapping hands for no reason. Even with my less than speedy pace, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Monday morning.

Oh, and I hope Anthony Artis likes my audio.

Enjoy the video!


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